Why we built this site

Moving to Webflow changes your website from tech headache to communication superpower

The trouble is that many decision makers at non-profits don’t know this.

We keep seeing briefs asking for WordPress or open source CMSs. Asking for Wordpress is like commissioning a steam engine: it’s an obsolete technology. As for open source, we love it in theory, but in practice... dependancies and hassles.

Webflow's documentation is great, but it is aimed at makers, not buyers. This site is aimed at decision makers. No technical explanations. No 'how to' videos. Lots of examples sites as inspiration (with prices if possible). Quotes from clients. A range of agencies, to allay the fear that Webflow is niche or your might get locked in.

Help Us

If you are a decision maker at a non-profit, tell us what more you'd like to know about Webflow. If you make Webflow sites for non-profits, send details of sites you would like showcased.

Where we built this site

Putting the anti-social days of lockdown behind us, SIDE Labs spent a week in the Dorset countryside.

Rather the strategise or abseil, we did what we do best: build websites.

We split into teams competing on a brief to accelerate adoption of Webflow for social impact.

After 4 days, here we are. In the manner of a five-year-old showing a plastic crab to a friendly stranger, here's webflowforgood.org. Hope you like it.